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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility


Panamericana de Avaluos, S.A., well aware of its Social Responsibility for many years, contributes to the social wellbeing of our country by supporting, together with our employees and their families, different programs for assisting in projects committed to promote good values, supporting education, sports, art and culture in general, always endeavoring to reach those most in need.

With that in mind, our company has been an Enterprise Partner, for more than years, of Casa Esperanza, who sponsor the Special Olympics, work with the Teleton 20-30 and since more than 10 years, together with our employees, we select a school in some remote rural sector of the country, organizing support trips during the Holiday Season, offering them entertainment, food and gifts, both for the children as well as to their families in those sectors. This activity is becoming more and more important every year, hence committing us so much, that we cannot afford to rest on our laurels but continue to contribute in helping those most in need.